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Today’s post dispatch.

We are glad to inform you, that a crime scene kit will be delivered soon to some of our client’s inboxes… 😉 The countdown has started:


Media coverage.

The German economy magazine WIRTSCHAFTSWOCHE reports on the work of YOUNG TARGETS.

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Astaro/Sophos protects over 60,000 network installations from companies, schools and government organizations globally against IT security threats. About 200 employees are working worldwide on the company’s success. YOUNG TARGETS developed a new design and slogan for the Astaro HR department. The aim of this fresh design is, to align the lead role in security network […]


dine & crime for nerds.

Mysterious crimes happened at high-tech companies. But digitals traces have been preserved. Now IT-experts are needed to solve these most intriguing and complex cases… The “IT-Krimidinner” brings IT-companies as a “crime scene” of an unsolved series of murders to an audience of IT-specialists by viral effects of the social web. Students, graduates and professionals are invited […]


Exploring the internet.

The “Kindertag bei 1&1” was a great way to get kids excited about the internet. YOUNG TARGET up the obstacle course as activity stations to perform specific activities with six stations, where the children learned playfully about a firewall or a server. Over 150 children (of the 1&1 staff) have tinkered here, had to guess […]


viral campaigns.

Facebook is one of the most important platforms for successful social media marketing. Although our experience has shown that IT professionals are not among typical “heavy user” of this network, yet Facebook gets a lot of attention from all kinds of students, so we use a contest mechanism to get wide attention and word-of-mouth support for […]

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IT job-shuttle.

Darmstadt is an important location in the Rhine-Main-Neckar-area, the birthplace of enterprise software, which has conquered the world market by software innovations since the 1970s. Approximately 4,500 ICT companies and 25,000 jobs in the ICT sector in the region demonstrate the importance of information technology for value creation in the region Rhein-Main-Neckar and the competitiveness […]



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