Berlin Clubnacht | Edition: Sao Paulo

Berlin Clubnacht | Edition: Sao Paulo

If electronic music was a universal language, DJ´s would be international ambassadors – but what for? By transcending borders, the cultural exchange within contemporary club culture is building bridges for the young generations. Both São Paulo and Berlin respectively are the catalyzers for an urban-experimental youth and music culture where trends in fashion, music and entertainment are born and established. A mutual interest for both cities is to fertilize the soil on which this culture can grow.

Berlin sends his DJ´s as cultural ambassadors within the framework of the initiative ‘Germany-Brazil 2013-2014’. VisitBerlin, the city’s agent for all matters regarding tourism and local culture, teamed up with the Goethe-Institut São Paulo, a landmark of representing German culture worldwide, and the Club Commission Berlin, the umbrella organization for clubs, labels and actors within the music scene in Berlin. Together, they enabled the Berlin Club Nacht to take place in São Paulo on the 17th, 24th and 25th of May 2013. Hosting clubs will be no-lesser then D-Edge, The Week, Yacht Club, Lions Club, Voodoohop, Clash Club and MIS / Green Sunset.

The event program will be expanded to include workshops, discussions, screenings, with the goal of a sustain cooperation between opinion leaders of both scenes and will provide an intensive discussion at technical level and exchange valuable know-how. In the context of a match-making session, dinners and small meetings / workshops the Berlin delegation will be brought together with local actors in the scene.






A clear-cut line-up of Berlin´s finest DJ´s will represent a true Berlin sound character and strive to meet all expectations that Paulistas may have of the birthplace and lighthouse of electronic music. DJ ambassadors for this edition are: Ada, Daniel Wang, Chris Bekker, Gebrüder Teichmann and Tim Vita.

Ada is overlapping all kinds of styles and rocks the dance floor with heart and mind. Her tunes pair greatest simplicity with soft sentimentality.

Daniel Wang, already having shown an exceptional talent himself says he´s in the beginning of his career. From his new home/studio in Berlin, Wang puts the world on notice: “With the spirit of Karen Carpenter and Clara Rockmore guiding me, here come classical-reggae and nu acid-disco for 2013!”

Today, Chris Bekker stands for energizing Progressive, Electro and Tribal-House and personalized Trance vibes. His spontaneous synthesis of sound-elements guarantees an unforgettable musical journey for everybody, who has a purpose on the dance floor.

When the Teichmann brothers are at the decks they ride high with the crowd, like two guys on a natural high, jumping, raving, always wearing that distinctive Teichmann smile, an euphoria reflected in the music and a smile you can’t help returning. The Teichmann sets are a sort of Ping-Pong, the two brothers play each other the ball, consistently, unpredictable and focused. Dramatically mixing genres from minimal to acid, to chicago, techno, rock and house as one, the Teichmann party – raved about not only by Berliners but surely also Paulistas.

The artist name Tim Vitá consists of a combination of the real name and the intention: to live the love. Working intuitively with a carefully selected and continuously current music variety, Tim Vitá has developed a fine sense to interpret the audience interests and a pleasing appeal.

Last but not least, we have programmed a day-time ‘rave’ to either serve as before-or-after hour, depending on your preference, which will take place at MIS / Green Sunset and host workshops as well as discussions, aiming to spark new collaborations between the actors in the scenes. We look forward to welcome you at this unique event.

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