Recrutainment at its best.

How exciting the banking industry actually is (contrary to its general reputation) was experienced by 30 graduates and young professionals at the think tank BANKING 2.0. Ralf Baust, responsible for innovation management at Cirquent GmbH talked about best practice and consulting the bank branch. The keynote was presented by Prof. Dr. Sonja Salmen on the mega trends of the network society, consumer behavior in 2020 and the culture of trust in the digital network. The subsequent think tank was made ​​in an unconventional way though, to start a dedicated and profound discussion about the future of the banking industry by playing a specially developed „Banking 2.o Monopoly“ game. In spite of great competition, it was the finale again conciliatory on the terrace with barbecue sausage and steak. After one or other close personal conversation with each other, the participants sayed goodbye… until the next think tank.