Campus Recrutainment

Campus Recrutainment

Finding IT-experts for businesses is becoming increasingly difficult. Today’s students are looking for challenges, good opportunities for development and to work independently. Nowadays IT companies need to go new ways in recruitment.

For this reason YOUNG TARGETS is starting a cooperation with Deutsche Hochschulwerbung which is Germany’s leading marketing agency for advertising on university campus. Companies can build personal connections in a short time to academic talent on a playful way. Since we have performed some of these formats already in various cities we have been working together very closely with technical colleges and universities, such as the KIT Karlsruhe, the TU Berlin, the University of Darmstadt and the Technical University of Munich. The essential argument for the advertising staff at universities is that potential new employees are addressed here at a time when they have a majority not yet been set, in which city and in which environment they want to be once worked professionally.

Our partnerships offer special events at the top 10 most prestigious universities for computer science in Germany:

  • HAW Hamburg
  • KIT Karlsruhe
  • HS Karlsruhe
  • TU Darmstadt
  • HS Darmstadt
  • TU München
  • LMU München
  • HS München
  • TU Berlin
  • RWTH Aachen

“Campus Recrutainment” formats:

  • Campus DevCamp (€3,500 – €5,500) dev_camp

The Campus DevCamp is a conference for computer science students and prospective open agenda. The visitors are more active part, as the presentations by the participants be selected and maintained. This means there are no spectators – only contributors. This knowledge sharing and networking are available for motivated visitors in the foreground. See more information.

  • Campus Hackathon (€2,900 – €4,500) hackathon

The Campus Hackathon students work within a specified time on a project, with the motto of the organizer is specified. However, these are not a programming competition in the traditional sense, but rather a programming-hard, since the event is a collective, social experience and no work. See more information.

  • IT-Job-Shuttle (€2,650 – €3,500) Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 20.21.45

The IT-Job-Shuttle is the most successful joint event of the IT scene to bring closer students and graduates the attractiveness and career prospects of the local digital economy. 100 students, graduates and young professionals make an all-day bus ride to businesses have the need for IT professionals. Participants can get an idea about the company and career opportunities on this day through short lectures, discussions and presentations. See more information.

  • CodeCaching (€9,000 – €13,500) code_caching_logo

CodeCaching is an electronic scavenger hunt on the high school campus, must answer questions correctly at the students. If a question is answered correctly, the student instance is first rewarded with a coupon for the next coffee shop. The trivia game selects the best from up to 500 participants who are then invited to a CodeCaching night. On this they can celebrate with other participants and networks with other experts in the IT scene. See more information.


We would like you to win as a partner and offer you the opportunity to be part of these extraordinary Recrutainment actions!

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