Edutainment: Scavenger hunt software

Edutainment: Scavenger hunt software

They look as if they have an urgent need of final polishing: QR codes! Those blocky, black squares – are increasingly seen whether on posters, flyers or in newspaper articles. Not for aesthetic fine spirits, but strictly functional and extremely easy to use: Instead of typing a web address, you scan the code with your smartphone simply from – and the information will appear on the phone. That the technique can also be used in education and training, shows the software of NAmedia, partner of YOUNG TARGETS. 

The scavenger hunt software for smartphones and tablet-computers that can be used at any place in the world to design geo-referenced applications. The central element is the spot, that can contain specific content like riddles, team exercises, challenges, knowledge and security questions as well as any other element that can be quizzed on a visual or textual basis. By using our app-software event formats like team trainings, events or congresses are arbitrary with immediate effect. Offers range from in-house and outdoor solutions.

The analytical abilities and the simple measurability, in particular, make the product very innovative and every event a success. we are able to reflect the philosophy and values of your company, can determine educational deficits but also detect new potential. Furthermore, this software reveals greater motivation and capacity of the participants via the experience-oriented context. In summary, the scavenger hunt app both strengthens the appeal of employers and simultaneously trains soft skills. 

  • The QR code scavenger hunt app software is a cross-media tool to connect a smartphone user on a quiz with real people or places and inform.
  • User can download free or paid, and then make the search for QR codes in their environment the app.
  • To find the location of the code, you must answer each question correctly. Once you have found the QR code, you can scan it and get “rewarded”

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